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Our objective, at Rinanu Semiconductors, is to provide the best-in-class products worldwide and related services to our customers. In our chosen business space of Power transistors and memes sensors, we believe we have some of the best products to offer.

The team's decades of experience in developing international software products makes us a value-added partner in each of our business space. Our team has researched on software products in our business space before zeroing down on the products that we currently offer to our customers.

What we do

RINANU takes up the challenges of making the best and precise results in meeting every customers goal with innovative and integrated solutions for variety of industry applications. We provide a wide range of post fabrication and packaging services for semiconductor and electronics manufacturers, helping you to transit your product from wafer to usable die with faster lead time.Thus,enable you to stay competitive in market with reduced time-to- market.

Our Services

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Following wafer dicing, RINANU can assemble your dies into open cavity plastic or ceramic substrate. RINANU provide standard die bonding services using adhesive based on your requirements. RINANU do provide flip-chip, stacked die and chip on board assembly capability.

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RINANU provides standard wire bonding services that is cost-effective and flexible for the vast majority of semiconductor packages. Our standard wire bonding services include gold ball bonding and aluminium wedge bonding

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A modern Lithium-Ion battery pack comprises several cells, wired in series and parallel combinations to achieve the packs desired power performance, noting that wiring includes the use of wires (aluminium is most common) and bus-bars (typically formed from sheet aluminium, nickel or copper

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The laser processing also includes the laser profiling and laser drilling of silicone rubber, Nylon 66, Mylar, Nomex, stainless foils, quartz, mica, zirconia, sapphire, and other materials used in the microelectronics industry, and other markets requiring high quality precision laser cut parts.

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